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Sadar Bahar [Chicago]

0 Comments 02 August 2012


Sadar Bahar [ Chicago]

Saturday 15th December 2012

The Roadhouse, Manchester

11pm – Late

Chicago’s illustrious Sadar Bahar – back by popular demand! Do not miss this!

Over the past four years from basements to boats, studio lofts to swingers clubs, we’ve put on regular jaunts abiding by our key principles of quality music, great sound and good people. It was easy to pick out a man to maintain these principles and lead the helm for our xmas celebration. Main man Sadar is welcomed back to Cutloose for another Manchester exclusive.

Over the years, when speaking with our guests, Sadar’s name regularly cropped up as a great selector and collector of records, whose principles hark back to a time when these skills, above all else were valued in a DJ. This was proved beyond all doubt when he left the Cutloose dance floor astonished and dazed last summer by his heady fusion of funk, jazz and soul infused disco and house – an all-time classic ‘should have been there’ party. His reputation speaks for itself, with high praise coming from Theo Parrish and crate-diggers around the world, thanks to his penchant for discovering lost hits and rare grooves – that thirst for knowledge percolates his incredible Ron Hardy inspired mixes and sets.

Part of Chicago’s Soul in the Hole collective, Sadar cut his teeth during Chicago’s early house music era. The notable dedication to his craft garnered credit from his peers to the extent that, upon their retirement, some DJs have handed him entire record collections, knowing he would do them justice. Although house music provides the backbone to his sets, you’re unlikely to hear popular, track-laden songs or programmed disco – Sadar favours live instrumentation and soulful vocals. As Sadar himself explains:, “I’m always looking for something deeper that no one else is playing – I have about 14,000 records in all… I probably have one of the largest Fela collections on wax, too”.

Responsible for edits under the alias Chicken Wings and various mix tapes that are celebrated amongst aficionados, Sadar has been spreading the gospel across Europe and has achieved almost messiah like status in Japan. All bodes well for this birthday special, where you will experience an evening of ecstatic freedom through movement and sensational sounds.

We welcome old and new faces – bring a positive attitude and an open mind


How to buy tickets

£6 advance

£8 before 12 on the door

£10 after 12 on the door


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